MOSS 2013 or 2016 (sharepoint) 最终用户

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Lesson 1: SharePoint 2013 Introduction

SharePoint 2013 Introduction

Lesson 2: SharePoint List Basics

SharePoint List Basics

Lesson 3: Library Basics

Library Templates

Creating Libraries

Managing Documents and Versioning

Lesson 4: Working with Lists and Library Views

Default Views

Custom Views

Lesson 5: Working with Sites

Site Templates

Creating Sites

Site Navigation

Lesson 6: Page Content

Wiki Library Pages

Web Part Pages

Working with Web Parts

Lesson 7: Forms Library

Creating a Forms Library

Creating InfoPath Forms

Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint

Lesson 8: Site Columns and Content Types

Site Column Gallery

Creating Site Columns

Site Content Type Gallery

Creating Content Types

Lesson 9: Office Integration

Excel Integration

Outlook Integration

Access Integration

Lesson 10: Managing SharePoint Site Permissions

SharePoint Groups

Assigning Permissions

Permission Levels

Permissions Inheritance

Lesson 11: Participating in User Communities

Configure User Profiles and My Sites


People Newsfeeds

Document Newsfeed

Site Newsfeed

Tag Newsfeed

Managing Personal Sites